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Job Description: First Aid Responder

Purpose: Maintain the safety of any patron in Safe Haven or within the community. Provide first aid to anyone in need.

Key Responsibilities:

– Providing First Aid to those in Need.
– Walking around Lennoxville and University Campus during late hours.
– Monitoring Sporting Events.
– Monitoring Formal Events (i.e. Wine and Cheese).
– Provide First Aid Surveillance at SRC events.
– Provide assistance to Security and Marshals when needed.
– Provide assistance during any natural disaster situation (i.e. Flooding).
– Maintain a calm attitude throughout the shift.
– Maintain in control of any situation that may arise.
– Knowing how to communicate via radios.
– Coordinate the shift with the volunteers that are working.

Qualifications: Standard First Aid and CPR.

Provide your cover letter and resume to the following email: studentsafety@ubishops.ca

Payments follow Bishop’s University’s student employment plan.

5 décembre 2018

10 janvier 2019

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